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The Doghouse of Barrington is now proud to have Mark Boldt as our own personal Doghouse Trainer! Mark Boldt is a graduate of National K-9, a renown school for dog trainers in Columbus, Ohio. He learned everything from basic obedience to police K-9 to handicap assistance. There hasn’t been an owner he wasn’t able to educate.

Please call for you FREE initial evaluation. 847-809-3169

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Message From Mark      


At the Doghouse, we have found that its not so much the training of the dog, but the education of the owner. Anyone can teach a dog to sit or do a down, but how do you get your dog to do it every time you tell him/her? Whether you want a dog that just walks nicely on a leash or you need complete off leash control, we can show you how.

Before training can begin, we start with a FREE one-on-one consultation. We will discuss history, goals, and get an understanding of the personality of the dog. We will also do a small training session to show you how your dog responds to the training.

Instead of blindly jumping into a group class or have someone you don’t know over to the house, come meet our trainer for FREE and see what we can offer you. Take home the information and compare it to all the others. You will surely find we offer the best education for you and your dog.

The training at the Doghouse uses a balanced approach. It is mostly based on the personality of the dog. Along with breed specific characteristics and the relationship you currently have with your dog. We will put together a plan to create the dog of your dreams.

Please call me for your FREE initial evaluation. 847-809-3169

Services and Prices


Please contact Mark for pricing at 847-809-3169