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When your pets arrive at the Doghouse of Barrington, they receive a familiar kind of greeting from owner Dylan Nelson. It’s enthusiastic with joyful noises. There are kisses and hugs. And if your dog has been gone an especially long time, you might even see some jumping up and down. It’s a greeting that says your dogs been missed and that he’s especially welcome here.

  • Top Dog Dylan Nelson
  • Dylan's Dogs
  • Dylan's Team

Owner and Top Dog Dylan Nelson

Want to know a little more about the man behind The ’House? Here’s the lowdown on Doghouse Owner Dylan Nelson:

  • Attended the College of Santa Fe to pursue theater and arts
  • Passionate about animals (especially dogs and chimpanzees)
  • Has been working in the pet care field for 15 years, including six pet care facilities, before determining it would be up to him to open the kind of place where a dog could be a dog and where owners could feel happy about it
  • A devoted husband and father of 7 (3 human toddlers, 3 dogs, and a cat named Rufus)



Dylan’s Own Dogs (in his own words)

Tygan: “My most handsome, Tygan is an all white Siberian Husky. When I first saw him, I thought he was one of the most adorable creatures I had ever seen. He is sweet, gentle, and caring. He’s also very independent, and loves to sleep outside in the snow.”

Pablo: “Our little monkey … and our first small guy. Pablo is a tri-color Chihuahua who, when we met him, was a mess. He was scared, timid, and even a bit aggressive. But time and love healed those things and now, Pablo is one of the top dogs here at The Doghouse. Plus, Pablo and Rufus are the best of friends.”

Betty:"Our newest edition! We got Betty, a French Bulldog, when she was 8 weeks old.  We've had her now for 5 weeks, and I've got to say, she is the best puppy we've ever had! For every hour she plays she sleeps for 4. And she is very playful and sweet & submissive yet tough.  She'll be sure to meet you up front when you come to The Doghouse, if she's not ripping it up in big group :)

    Betty with her oldest brother, Buckley

Dylan’s Doghouse Team (in his own words)


Danielle: “ Her top priority has always been to make The Doghouse a better place. Shes always smiling, and is a wonderful alpha female among our dog pack.”

Leslie: “ She is dedicated to making sure that every dog has fun here. She's always thinking up new and fun activities to keep the dogs stimulated all day long. She believe's, as we do, that a tired dog is a happy dog."

Asha: “ She is a bubbly, fun loving person. She is the groomer of all groomers in our eyes. She takes every necessary step that your dog stays stress and pain free. She has worked with many rescue dogs and has the patience they require to make the grooming experience enjoyable. Her love for dogs truly shows in her work."

more updated bios on our current staff is on the way :)