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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any dog come to The Doghouse? What is your screening process?

Any dog (no matter size or breed) is welcome to apply to become a member of The Doghouse. Applicants must fill out a standard form identifying the dog’s information, and each dog must pass a temperament test (The Doghouse uses a test designed by Dr. Emily Weiss for the Humane Society) to better understand temperament, to identify aggression issues, and to determine which playgroup would be most suitable for him/her. Groups include puppy, small dog, large dog, low energy, high energy, and senior lounge options.

What is required of my dog?

Every dog must be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age, and current on his or her vaccinations (to include rabies, distemper, and bordatella). Heartworm and flee/tick preventatives also are checked. Puppies under 6 months can be accepted as long as they have had their first distemper booster and de-wormer.

Do the dogs fight?

Since our opening in June 2007, no dogs have fought nor have there been any serious injuries at The Doghouse. While dogs do get into “arguments or tiffs,” we watch for any disagreements or roughhousing to assure respectful play at all times. Now they are dogs, with nails and teeth, so occasionally they can get scratches or cuts, but we will always clean it and treat it and let you know when you pick up. With the help of our temperament test, we are able to identify dogs with true aggression problems and do not accept these dogs into our program.

Can I come and see the facility?

Unlike some dog care facilities where guests are asked to make an appointment or where formal tour times are established for public viewing, The Doghouse of Barrington is open for visitors and customers alike from open to close each business day. We welcome all moms and dads in our centrally located client lounge where they can view the entire facility and watch as their dogs play, romp, or rest.

How often is my dog taken outside?

All dogs are taken outside every hour on the hour for fresh air and potty breaks. Double the potty time is available for an extra $5 per half day.

How do you clean your facility?

How often we clean (daily) is as important as what we clean with (all natural and green products that use natural enzymes to kill bacteria and keep your pet safe).

What is the staff-to-dog ratio?

Unlike some daycare facilities that allow a 1:40 person-to-dog ratio, The Doghouse of Barrington maintains an impressive ratio of 1:10-15! That means your dog has human eyes on him at all times, and gets the love and attention he needs, wants, and deserves.

How much space does my dog have to play in?

Your dog has up to 5,000 square feet of play space. The Doghouse also has a training wing, a client lounge, and a family room.