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The Facility

It’s like a canine version of Cheers where everyone knows your name. Stan, Lulu, Zoe, Miles … the room comes alive when a friend joins the pack. After all, our nearly 5,000 square-foot cage-free indoor dog park is the perfect place for your pooch to stay awhile.

Here, he can catch up with old and new friends alike. She can run and play with pals of her own size and temperament. Or they can take a snooze in their own personal doghouse. It’s all about doing what comes naturally in a space designed (from ceiling to floor) just for them.

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Facility Facts

A floating vinyl planked floor looks like wood but feels soft like a sports mat with the kind of traction and comfort active dogs need (forget those poxy floors that are hard on paws or rubber floors that are hard to keep clean – safety and comfort always come first).

Fresh filtered water is available at all times assuring utmost quality and health.

Blue walls offer the calmest environment available (research proves bright hot colors seen in many daycare facilities are as unappealing to dogs as they are to humans).

Two strong air vents keep filtered air clean and fresh, while essential oils offer calming scents.

Flexible room separators assure every dog has space to play and roam, and that group size and makeup can differ to accommodate each day’s guests.