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The Daycare

If it takes a village to raise a child, what does it take to care for your dog? Dogs, like children, require a support system, especially for busy “parents” who want to both meet the needs and enjoy the benefits of their furry friends. Since June 2007, The Doghouse of Barrington has been committed to giving something back to the dogs who give us so much, providing unsurpassed quality care as an alternative to your dogs lonely days at home. We’re devoted to giving your pet everything he needs and anything his heart desires. Consider The Doghouse of Barrington your home away from home.

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  • Rates
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Reasons to Do Daycare at The Doghouse

Did you know that, in a suburb of medium density (maybe a suburb just like yours), a dog’s bark can be heard in 200 surrounding houses – or by 800 people? At the Doghouse of Barrington, your dog is encouraged to romp, play, bounce, run, chase … pretty much everything he can’t do when he’s home barking.

Other benefits include: less time home alone eliminates destructive chewing, digging, and accidents; social interaction encourages mental and physical well-being; pack play helps make friends and builds trust in others; and calmer, less energetic dogs make for happier, less chaotic evenings at home.

Daycare Rates

_Hourly Rate - $10                           

  Half Day (5 hrs) - $25

  Full Day (over 5 hrs) - $35


* Multiple dog discounts available


Daycare Packages

Half Day (up to 5 hrs):

5-day pass $120 (You save $5!)

10-day pass $230 (You save $20!)

20-day pass $440 (You save $60!)


Full Day (over 5 hrs):

5-day pass $170 (You save $5!)

10-day pass $330 (You save $20!)

20-day pass $640 (You save $60!)


Every package has a 90 day expiration


Join the Doghouse Today!

Any dog (no matter size or breed) is welcome to apply to become a member of The Doghouse of Barrington. Applicants must fill out a standard form identifying the dog’s information, and each dog must pass a temperament test (The Doghouse uses a test designed by Dr. Emily Weiss for the Humane Society) to better understand temperament, to identify aggression issues, and to determine which playgroup would be most suitable for him/her. Groups include puppy, small dog, large dog, low energy, high energy, and senior lounge options.

Every dog must be spayed or neutered after 6 months of age, and current on his or her vaccinations (to include rabies, distemper, and bordetella). Heartworm and flea/tick preventatives also are checked. Puppies under 6 months can be accepted as long as they have had their first distemper booster and de-wormer.

Applications are available here in PDF format or in person at The Doghouse of Barrington, located at 340 Lageschulte St in Barrington. Interested applicants may call us at 847-381-9959 to schedule a temperament test or for more information.