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Everyone’s yapping about The Doghouse of Barrington! If you’re brand new to us, check out our customer testimonials to get the real dish about the services and products we offer.

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What’s Being Said About The Doghouse

“People who use doggie daycare and other services like it are a unique bunch. Even though we’re crazy about our dogs, we’re not crazy about how we spend our money or who we leave in charge of our precious darlings. The Doghouse of Barrington isn’t just a business where you pay a fee in return for a service. The Doghouse is a place with heart … Dylan cares about my little one as much as I do. I’ve found in him a friend for me and for Miles. I have full confidence that Miles will be cared for here in the same way he is at home. When I can’t be around for my dog, I’m glad that Dylan can. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants the very best for their canine friend.”

Heather, Miles’ mom


Gracie, our new silver lab pup has been with Dylan and company from the beginning. Gracie and her mommie could not survive without the Doghouse. Dylan is my hero, Gracie's savior and an all around groovy guy! A perfect market for a fabulous concept! We are extremely grateful the Doghouse, with Dylan and the helm.. is here!

Kim D.

Referral Rewards for You

We’ve got every kind of dog at The Doghouse of Barrington plus room to grow. That’s where you come in. We welcome your help in spreading the good word about The Doghouse—we’ll even pitch in and reward your efforts!

When you tell your friends and family (and those people you’ve never met before now) about The Doghouse of Barrington, you benefit in multiple ways:

  1. Your dog has more friends to play with, and more interaction with different breeds and personality types
  2. Your social network expands to people who care about their dogs as much as you do
  3. Our services and products continue to expand to serve the ever-changing needs of our growing client base
  4. For every referral that results in a new client, you receive one day of daycare on us!

Here’s how it works. Simply give your dog’s name (first name, last initial) to any potential client. Tell him or her to be sure to share that name with us during their first visit with The Doghouse. We’ll add that information to their file and e-mail you when they become a client (that’s when you become an award recipient!). Refer us as many times as you like—there’s no limit to the complimentary days available. And be sure to tell your new friends about The Doghouse of Barrington Web site where they can learn all about our values, services, and products. If you have questions, please call 847-381-9959.